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shinyMobile 2.0.1

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Change appearance of PWA install button: center text and add close button.
  • Fix #262: add infinite class to f7Progress when value is NULL.
  • Attach Framework7 to the window object: window.Framework7 = Framework7.
  • Fix installation issue on older R versions #260.

shinyMobile 2.0.0

CRAN release: 2024-05-27

Major change

  • Update Framework7 from 5.7.14 to 8.3.3
  • New experimental router layout f7MultiLayout(): supported by {brochure}, this allows to have beautiful transitions between pages to provide a more native like experience.
  • New f7Form(): gather inputs in the same form to get a nested list containing all input values. This allows to reduce the number of inputs on the server side. updateF7Form() makes it possible to update input in batch or only selected ones.
  • Whenever you have multiple inputs, we now recommend to wrap all of them within f7List() which allows you to benefit from new styling options such as outline, inset, strong, … Internally, we use a function able to detect whether the input is inside a f7List(): if yes, you can style this list by passing parameters like f7List(outline = TRUE, inset = TRUE, ...); if not, the input is internally wrapped in a list to have correct rendering (but no styling is possible). Besides, some input like f7Text() can have custom styling (add an icon, clear button, outline style), which is independent from the external list wrapper style. Hence, we don’t recommend doing f7List(outline = TRUE, f7Text(outline = TRUE)) since it won’t render very well (only use f7List(outline = TRUE, f7Text())). Please have a look at the corresponding examples in the documentation.
  • New component f7Treeview(): display items in a treeview. Used in combination with f7TreeviewItem() and f7TreeviewGroup().

Breaking changes

  • The aurora theme has been removed. Supported themes are now: ios, md and auto. In case of auto it will use iOS theme for iOS devices and MD theme for all other devices.
  • f7AddMessages() is definitely removed. Deprecated from previous releases.
  • f7Appbar() has been removed in Framework7. We have no alternative to replace it.
  • f7ShowNavbar() and f7HideNavbar() are removed, as long time deprecated.
  • f7checkBox() and f7checkBoxGroup() are removed, as long time deprecated.
  • Remove f7InsertTab(), f7RemoveTab() as long time deprecated.
  • Remove f7ValidateInput() as long time deprecated.
  • Remove f7Popover() and f7PopoverTarget() as long time deprecated.
  • Remove f7ShowPreloader() and f7HidePreloader() as long time deprecated.
  • f7Menu(), f7MenuItem(), f7MenuDropdown(), f7MenuDropdownDivider() and updateF7MenuDropdown() are totally removed from Framework7. We have no alternative to replace it.
  • f7Icon(): remove deprecated parameter old.
  • f7SmartSelect(): maxlength becomes maxLength. Typo from Framework7.
  • Remove value from f7Password() (accidental copy and paste from f7Text()).
  • Possible breaking change: f7Toolbar() default position is now bottom.
  • Possible breaking change: remove httr dependency from app_container().
  • Possible breaking change in f7PhotoBrowser(): id param reintroduce (but not mandatory, default NULL) as needed by updateF7Entity() to update the widget on the server side.
  • Possible breaking change in f7ListItem: now, we don’t allow footer and header whenever the parent list container has mode media (avoids cluttered layout). When subtitle is provided without the parent list being of mode media, an error is also raised (subtitle is specific to the media list layout). right can’t be passed when title is NULL.

Soft deprecation

  • f7Accordion():
    • multiCollapse has been removed in Framework7.
  • f7Block():
    • hairlines is deprecated since removed from Framework7.
  • f7Segment():
    • container is deprecated, removed from Framework7.
  • f7Navbar():
    • shadow and subtitle have been removed in Framework7.
  • f7SocialCard() is deprecated as the same result can be achieved with f7Card().
  • f7AutoComplete(): expandInput is deprecated, removed from Framework7.
  • f7Row(), f7Col() and f7Flex() are deprecated in favor of f7Grid(), as specified by Framework7 8.3.3
  • f7Fabs(): morph is deprecated. Only morphTarget is used.
  • f7Toolbar():
    • hairline and shadow are deprecated, removed from Framework7.
  • f7Shadow()removed from Framework7. No replacement. Will be removed in a future release.
  • f7Swipeout: deprecate side parameter and .... Now use either left/right or both.
  • f7AutoComplete: value now defaults to NULL (instead of the first choice).
  • updateF7Login(): id is deprecated.

Minor change

  • f7Messages(): the corresponding input is now a list of lists, each item being a single f7Message(). The previous setting was not optimal R,the JS binding was returning a array of objects, which can’t be easily translated to R. We now return an object of objects which becomes a list of lists.
  • f7Block() gains an outline parameter (add grey border).
  • f7Button() get a new tonal style. It is also possible to pass icon as parameter and update the icon with updateF7Button.
  • f7Card() get a new raised and divider parameters.
  • f7CheckboxGroup() has a new position parameter to control the check icon position. Default to left.
  • f7CheckboxChoice(): new function to pass inside choices in a f7CheckboxGroup(). Improved choice with title, subtitle, …
  • f7List() has new outline, dividers and strong styles. mode gains 2 new values: simple and links.
  • f7ListItem() has new routable parameter which allows navigation between pages in the new f7MultiLayout().
  • f7ListItem() and f7VirtualListItem() have new optional argument id, which allows for easy targeting.
  • f7ListIndex() now gets applied to an specific element, instead of the whole page. This makes it possible to add multiple lists with list indexes to the same app.
  • Added id argument to f7List(), which makes it possible to use an id as target in f7ListIndex.
  • f7Panel() has new “floating”/“push” effects as well as a new options parameter to pass in extra configuration. See
  • f7VirtualList() has new outline, dividers and strong styles. Additionally, mode was added with the following possible values: simple, links, media or contacts.
  • f7Popup() has a new push effect (pushing the main view behind on opening). There’s also a new argument called page that can control whether or not the popup behaves as a page and can scroll- handy for popups with more content.
  • f7Radio() has a new position parameter to control the check icon position. Default to left (like f7CheckboxGroup()). Also, f7Radio() inherits from f7List() styling parameters such as inset, outline,dividers, strong for more styling option.
  • f7RadioChoice(): new function to pass inside choices in a f7Radio(). Improved choice with title, subtitle, …
  • f7Sheet() gains new options parameter to allow passing more configuration. See
  • f7Picker() has new ... parameter to pass custom options. Also f7Picker() now can have NULL as value, allowing you to display a placeholder.
  • f7DatePicker() has new ... parameter to pass custom options. f7DatePicker() now also supports usage of the timePicker, and returns a posixct object when this is enabled. See
  • Added tapHoldPreventClicks, touchClicksDistanceThreshold, mdTouchRipple to f7Page() touch options.
  • The dark option in f7Page() now also supports "auto" besides TRUE and FALSE. If set to auto (the new default) it automatically enables dark theme based on user system color scheme preference.
  • showF7Preloader() has new type parameter and a new modal dialog support (if type is passed). New id parameter that has to be set when type is not NULL.
  • hideF7Preloader() has a new id parameter. This is to hide modals or progress from the server.
  • New updateF7Preloader() to be able to update a progress preloader from the server.
  • f7PhotoBrowser() fixed the pageBackLinkText to back when type was set to page, but this has been removed. The Framework7 default is now used, or the pageBackLinkText can be set manually (iOS only).
  • f7ColorPicker() has new ... parameter to pass custom options and now returns a list of values with hex, rgb, hsl, hsb, alpha, hue, rgba, and hsla values.
  • f7Slider() has new ... parameter to pass extra options. New showLabel parameter: fix an unfortunate naming conflict between the input label (name) and the name Framework7 has given to the bubble component (label).
  • f7AutoComplete() and updateF7AutoComplete() have new ... parameter to pass extra options as well as a new style parameter to customize the input look and feel. f7AutoComplete() has new style parameter to allow for custom styling only when openIn is dropdown.
  • f7SplitLayout() has a new look and at a minimal app width (1024 px) the sidebar becomes always visible. The sidebar will be collapsed on smaller screens.
  • f7Text(), f7TextArea() and f7Password() have new parameters: description, media, floating, outline and cleareable for more styling options. label can also be NULL.
  • f7Select() has new description, media and outline parameters.
  • f7Link() has new routable parameter which allows to use the new experimental router layout in f7MultiLayout().
  • f7Navbar(): both leftPanel and rightPanel now accept shiny tags such as an icon or link. This is useful to support the new router layout. Items must be wrapped in a shiny::tagList().
  • New f7DefaultOptions(): can be used in f7Page() to pass app options.
  • f7Picker, f7DatePicker and f7ColorPicker now have an additional style parameter to set the input style and inherit from f7List options such as outline, inset, strong and dividers.
  • f7Toggle() and f7Stepper() automatically detect when they are called inside a f7List and adjust accordingly to the list style.
  • f7TabLink(): href can now be different of # if passed in ... (Default is still # when no custom href is detected). This allows to use tab links as routable links but with a better rendering in the toolbar/tabbar than classic f7Link().
  • updateF7App can now also handle changes in app theme (ios or md), dark mode, and color.
  • f7Fabs() has a new argument global that can be used to make FABs persistent across different tabs in f7TabLayout().
  • f7ExpandableCard() has a new argument buttonColor that can be used to control the color of the close button.
  • f7Login() has a new argument cancellable that can, optionally, show a cancel button to close the login window. f7LoginServer() also return the cancel state so it can be used to trigger actions on the server side, like changing tab.
  • updateF7Login(): new cancel parameter to close the login window.
  • Fix various issues in documentation.
  • Include new vignettes.

shinyMobile 1.0.1

CRAN release: 2024-03-01


  • Added webR to pkgdown infrastructure which allows to run shinylive apps in the documentation.

Minor change

Bug fixes

  • Fix ignored height in f7Card() (Typo).
  • Fix CRAN note.

shinyMobile 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2022-11-25


  • Added skeletonsOnLoad to f7Page() options (not compatible) with preloader.

Breaking change

  • preloader is moved to f7Page() options list.
  • Removed loading_duration from f7Page(). Now the preloader will automatically disappear when shiny is idle like in bs4Dash.
  • panels becomes panel in f7SplitLayout() for consistency reasons.
  • f7Tab() uses validate_tabName so that Tab 1 is not valid anymore but Tab1 yes. Tabs will have to be manually renamed.
  • f7Popup() is now generated on the server side like f7Notif(). Remove updateF7Popup(), f7TogglePopup().
  • Reworked f7listIndex(): remove f7ListIndexItem(). f7ListIndex() is generated from the server side.
  • Reworked f7Skeleton(): triggered from server side. See examples.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improve f7Swiper(): better CSS, pagination, navigation, scrollbar, …
  • Fix issue in f7PhotoBrowser() example: wrong default theme …
  • f7CheckBox(): better layout.
  • Fix issue in f7FabMorphTarget() example.
  • Fix #226: f7PhotoBrowser() just works with two or more pictures. Fix issue in JSON conversion.
  • Fix issue in updateF7Popup() documentation (showed as deprecated by mistake).
  • New skeleton effect on load (automatic): applied grey background on elements loading. Ends when shiny is idle.
  • New skeleton effect on output recalculation.
  • Fix issue in f7Navbar(): hard-coded css style causing white text on white background.
  • Fix #151: Issue in navbar/toolbar scroll. See here.
  • Fix #165: Setting separate theme for panels does not work.
  • Fix #181: Adding dynamic tab to an empty panel.
  • Related to #220. A new title parameter is available for f7Tab() so as to pass any name, as oposed to tabName.
  • Fix #228: Vignette Example doesn’t show graphs. Breaking change in shiny 1.7.2.
  • Issue in f7SmartSelect() with openIn param (failed when not provided).
  • Fix #219: Avoid using inline CSS so that users can easily override {shinyMobile} defaults.
  • Fix #220: f7Tab() can create duplicate IDs which in turn break the page. Now we use validate_tabName internally to check whether the tab is valid (avoid JS issues with jQuery selectors)…
  • Fix #224: updateF7AutoComplete() accepts choices.
  • Fixes #217: f7SmartSelect() interfering NS for server-side module.
  • Fixes #215: Icon not displayed in reconnect / reload toaster. Add f7Icon deps anyway.
  • Fixes #204: issue with f7DatePicker() and DST.
  • Update CI/CD setup.
  • Fix issue where f7Page() does not accept anymore color by its name. Now, and like in earlier versions, f7Page() accepts either hex code or color name.
  • Fixes #222: f7Slider() code updated to work with the fix for #215 above.

shinyMobile 0.9.1

CRAN release: 2021-09-16

This release only fixes an issue with Shiny 1.7.0 with a failing unit test. Thanks @schloerke

shinyMobile 0.9.0

CRAN release: 2021-07-22

This release also fixes an issue with R CMD check and htmltools.

Breaking change

Major change

Minor change

  • More security for embedded apps.
  • Added shinyMobile hands on slides in Getting Started vignette.
  • f7Dialog() has a fixed height of 300px and vertical overflow to avoid issues.
  • Add ... to f7SmartSelect().
  • Add options to f7SearchBar() to provide more configuration. Fixes #47: thanks @rodrigoheck.
  • Add valueText param for f7Gauge(). Fixes #84: thanks @tanho63.
  • Reworked f7Gauge() JS code (no user impact).
  • Rework widget JS code base (no user impact).

Bug fixes

shinyMobile 0.8.0

CRAN release: 2021-01-11

This release is to addresses the following reverse dependency issue with shiny. Moreover, it also starts the road to v1.0.0 (later this year).

Soft Deprecations

Breaking changes



  • f7Appbar(): left_panel becomes leftPanel and right_panel rightPanel
  • f7Init() removed. Now pass it through the f7Page() options
  • f7Navbar(): left_panel becomes leftPanel and right_panel rightPanel
  • f7Panel() and updateF7Panel(): inputId becomes id
  • f7InsertTab() and f7RemoveTab(): inputId becomes id





  • f7Link(): external has been removed from (much simpler), src becomes href
  • f7Button(): src becomes href


Major changes

Minor changes

Bug fixes

shinyMobile 0.7.0

CRAN release: 2020-06-17


  • disable backdrop in f7Searchbar() since it messes up with tabbar navigation. This does not have any impact on user experience. In a future release of shinyMobile, f7Searchbar() will have input binding associated as well as more parameters for configuration

Breaking changes

  • f7SmartSelect(): type param becomes openIn to align with other inputs
  • rework f7Messages(): messages are updated on the server side with f7AddMessages(). New f7MessageBar() to send messages from the server side.
  • f7ActionSheet(): to access the currently selected button, use input$[sheet_id]_button. This is to make action sheets compatible with shiny modules. Moreover, the buttons provided must be included in a list (not in a dataframe)
  • f7Sheet() is still inserted in the UI side but can be triggered either on the server side in combination with updateF7Sheet() (see example) or on the UI side. Overall, this improves flexibility since user may choose any trigger element. In practice, any element having data-sheet pointing to the sheet id as well as the “sheet-open” css class may open it, instead of having a default trigger contained in the sheet. A use case may be to open a sheet in the tabbar (the trigger would be a f7TabLink() that is a special button styled for the tabbar)
  • All update method for inputs : argument session is now optional and has been moved to the last position in function call
  • f7AutoComplete(): type becomes openIn to align with the framework7 documentation
  • remove parameter fill from f7Icon() (not used)
  • Rewrite f7Popup(). It has now an input associated giving the popup state (opened or closed) as well as new parameters: backdrop, closeByBackdropClick, closeOnEscape, animate and swipeToClose. label parameters has been removed. To create an f7Popup() put the f7Popup() tag in you UI. On the server side call f7TogglePopup(). See documentation for a detailed example. Thanks @pasahe
  • f7NavbarHide() renamed to f7HideNavbar() for consistancy
  • f7NavbarShow() renamed to f7ShowNavbar() for consistancy
  • In f7Gauge() valueText was removed. It does not make sense that the value can be accidentally different from the text displayed. valueText is then an internal parameter.
  • In f7DatePicker(): min becomes minDate, max becomes maxDate and format becomes dateFormat
  • remove maximizable parameter from f7Appbar()

Major changes

  • new input$shinyInfo and input$lastInputChanged (see shinyMobile tools vignette for more details)
  • f7SmartSelect() has input binding as well as an update function updateF7SmartSelect()
  • new f7VirtualList(), f7VirtualListItem(), updateF7VirtualList(): high performance list with caching system -> faster rendering (up to 10x faster than f7List()). Ability to add item(s), remove item(s), move item, filter items, …
  • new messagebar parameter to f7TabLayout(). This allows to use the f7Messagebar() in a tabs layout configuration.
  • new f7ValidateInput() function to validate input from the server side (similar to shinyFeedback but internal to shinyMobile and without dependencies)
  • new f7Login() and updateF7Login() feature to provide UI boilerplates for authentication
  • f7Tabs() may be used as standalone components with the style argument (segmented or strong). toolbar has the default behavior.
  • update f7Icon() and icons dependencies. thanks @pvictor
  • new updateF7DatePicker(): thanks @pvictor
  • add input binding to f7Fabs() to get the status of the container
  • add updateF7Button() and updateF7Fabs()
  • new pullToRefresh parameter to f7Init(). Pull the screen from top to bottom fires input$ptr which becomes TRUE. When the pull to refresh event is finished, input$ptr is NULL. Useful to trigger events in an observeEvent
  • add new updateF7Select(): thanks @Seyphaton for the suggestion
  • add f7TogglePopup() to close/open a f7Popup(). Thanks @pasahe
  • add preview_mobile(): function that previews your app in a seleted range of devices (iphone, samsung, htc, …)
  • redesign the way inputs options are passed from R to Javascript. This does not have impact on the user side but improves security and code quality

Minor changes

  • add new f7File() for file upload. See shiny fileInput
  • add new f7DownloadButton() to work properly with the shiny downloadHandler function. Thanks @bwganblack for the report
  • add new tapHoldDelay parameter to f7Init() to control the delay necessary to trigger a long press (default to 750 ms)
  • new f7ShowPreloader() and f7HidePreloader()
  • new f7TextArea() input and updateF7TextArea() on the server side
  • add block title for f7checkBoxGroup() and f7Radio()
  • add new f7TabLink() (special link to insert in f7Tabs() that may open a f7Sheet())
  • add new active parameter to f7Button()
  • add new strong parameter to f7Segment()
  • Improve website. Thanks @pvictor
  • new fullsize and closeButton parameter to f7Popup() + rewrite js binding. Thanks @pvictor
  • add extra parameters to f7DatePicker(): direction, openIn, scrollToInput, closeByOutsideClick, toolbar, toolbarCloseText, header and headerPlaceholder
  • add new parameters to updateF7Gauge(). Thanks @rodrigoheck for the suggestion
  • add noSwipping argument to f7Slider() to prevent wrong behaviour when used in f7TabLayout()
  • f7Select() does not rely anymore on the shiny selectInput binding (does not have impact on user experience)
  • add hidden argument to f7Tab(): allows to navigate through hidden tabs without displaying them in the tab menu. Thanks @rodrigoheck
  • add closeOnSelect param to f7AutoComplete()
  • add new parameters to f7Picker() and updateF7Picker(): rotateEffect, openIn, scrollToInput, closeByOutsideClick, toolbar, toolbarCloseText and sheetSwipeToClose
  • add color argument to f7Icon()
  • add selected parameter to f7Select()
  • update framework7 to 5.3.0
  • add color to updateF7Slider()
  • add color to f7Slider()
  • add cheatsheet reference in the readme
  • add f7Slider() labels (remove enableLabels param)
  • add step, scaleSteps and scaleSubSteps to updateF7Slider()
  • add scaleSteps, scaleSubSteps and verticalReversed to f7Slider()
  • add decimalPoint to updateF7Stepper()
  • rework f7Stepper(): add 2 more parameters (decimalPoint and buttonsEndInputMode)
  • hideNavOnPageScroll is set to FALSE by default in f7Init(). This improves perfomances on old devices
  • improve f7SingleLayout() example (replace sliderInput by f7Slider)
  • improve f7SplitLayout() example (replace sliderInput by f7Slider)
  • improve f7TabLayout() example
  • add more copyrights

Bug fix

  • Fix issue in updateF7AutoComplete: text input was not updated. Thanks @sanchez5674 for the report
  • Remove duplicated html tag in f7Page(). Thanks @ pvictor
  • Fix issue in f7Sheet() wrong css style applied when multiple sheets are in the same app
  • Fix issue in f7Tabs(): if one put f7Tabs() inside a f7Tab() in a parent f7Tabs(), the input binding was giving the wrong tab for the top level tabset (once we clicked in the tab containing the sub-tabset).
  • Fix issue with f7InsertTab() and f7RemoveTab() when swipeable is TRUE
  • trigger shown event for f7Tabs() on click. This allows to use f7Tabs() without swipeable and animated
  • Allow output elements to be displayed in f7Panel() (need to provide the f7Panel() inputId)
  • Prevent f7Swipeout() to make the current tab swipping if in f7TabLayout()
  • Fix f7Fab() label white background color in dark mode
  • fix #19: letting bigger TRUE in f7Navbar() would center the body content on scroll, due to a css conflict
  • fix issue with f7Slider() and f7TabLayout(): When setting value of a slider in a swipeable f7TabLayout it cause the tab to be swip. This describe here : framework7io/framework7#2603. Thanks @pvictor
  • fix #39: issue in f7DatePicker() format for months. Thanks @kmaheshkulkarni
  • fix issue in f7DatePicker(): the viewport does not scroll to input by default
  • fix typo in f7AutoComplete() example
  • fix #43: slider label not visible on drag. Thanks @pasahe
  • fix #42: add vertical overflow to f7Popup(). Thanks @pasahe
  • fix #41: cannot render shiny outputs in f7Popup(). Now f7Popup() triggers shiny output rendering. Thanks @pasahe
  • fix #31: updateF7Gauge() -> wrong fraction for semi circle gauges.
  • fix f7Stepper(): some options were not properly initialized (max, min, …)
  • fix f7Slider() example 2: wrong argument in help
  • fix f7Icon() example: wrong function name
  • fix f7Row() example
  • f7Sheet(): hiddenItems is NULL by default
  • Do no apply a magin bottom to the toolbar if there is no f7Appbar()

shinyMobile 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2019-11-30

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.